Future Events

Southern Strength plans more events in the future and we invite manufacturing business representatives to register to attend these events.

For more information on attending or being involved in the delivery of these events please contact us at Southern Strength and register your interest.




2017 Events


Southern Strength Network Meeting

Tuesday 8th August 2017

Club Central Menai

7:30am - 9:30am

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We would like to extend an invitation to all Southern Strength members and their guests to join us for the next Network Meeting and breakfast which will be held at Club Central Menai on the 8th August 2017 commencing at 7.30 am finishing at around 9.30 am.
We have 2 guest speakers presenting;
Peter Moore – Civic Industries and Leon Drury – Manufacturing Skills Australia

Civic Industries have provided employment for individuals with disability since 1958. From our Caringbah 4,000m2 productions and storage facility with 150 employees. Major clients include Arnott’s Biscuits, Random Harvest, Brown Forman, Hino Truck Parts, Urban Rituelle, True Blue Chemicals, Tradeware and Ivory Coat. 

Manufacturing Skills Australia NSW Industry Training Advisory Body (MSA NSW ITAB) have been funded by the NSW Department of industry to provide advice and consult with industry on workforce needs. We are presenting information so we can identify what industry needs to build capability and productivity for manufacturing and related industry.
MSA NSW ITAB will present on the following;
·        An update on manufacturing qualifications that are available for industry and funding available to assist industry train their staff.
·        NSW Policy changes that impact on Apprenticeships and traineeships.
·        Interactive session on what industry needs to be funded in the future.
·        Q&A on technical issues regarding training staff and using skills to increase productivity and staff retention

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Southern Strength Network Meeting - Liverpool 
4th July 2017
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
7:30am - 9:30am




We would like to extend an invitation to all Southern Strength members and their guests to join us for the next Network Meeting and breakfast which will be held at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre on the 4th July 2017 commencing at 7.30 am finishing at around 9.30 am.

We have 2 key speakers, Ian Hunt - Moorebank Intermodal Company CEO and Michael Yiend - Qube Holdings Director of Development.

Ian Hunt is CEO of Moorebank Intermodal Company, the Commonwealth government business enterprise charged with facilitating the development of a major intermodal terminal in south-west Sydney. Ian will speak about the Moorebank Intermodal Company - a brief history and it's responsibilities/obligations, the project and the benefits (jobs & training.

Michael Yiend is the Director of Development in Qube Holdings. He joined Qube five years ago following delivering successful projects in the commercial/industrial development sector. He leads the property and development functions within Qube Strategic Assets division, which includes the landmark Moorebank Logistics Park project. Michael Yiend will speak about delivering the project and logistics operational perspective.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Southern Strength Breakfast Network Meeting
Tuesday 27th June 2017
Club Central Menai
7:30am - 9:30am



We would like to extend an invitation to all Southern Strength members and their guests to join us for the next Network Meeting and breakfast which will be held at Club Central Menai on the 27th June 2017 commencing at 7.30 am finishing at around 9.30 am. 

We have 3 presenters, our keynote speaker is Dr Tim Boyle followed by short presentations from Ziad Mutasim and Jodie Elliott.

Our first speaker will be Dr Tim Boyle - RTTP Leader Business Development
The terms “innovation”, “disruption” and “knowledge economy”, have become overused in recent times, but what do these buzzwords mean for your business, and what impact does it have on our lives, and the broader economy? Massive change is not new and like previous industrial revolutions, jobs and businesses will be displaced with significant impact on some skills and occupations. However, disruption also brings with it huge opportunities and our ability to innovate will ensure we can harness and leverage those opportunities. ANSTO as a creator of knowledge is well placed to capitalise on the economic change that is occurring and through the ANSTO Innovation Precinct Initiative provide an avenue for business to innovate, collaborate and minimise the impact of disruption.

Ziad Mutasim - Senior Employer Liaison Consultant, Southern Sydney Business Education Network

Jodie Elliot - Toyota Staff Transition Project

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Company Directors Introductory Course

Tuesday 2nd May 2017
9:00am - 12:30pm


We would like to give the opportunity to all Southern Strength Manufacturing members to participate in a Company Director's Course. Pamela Murray-Jones will deliver this half day course at ANSTO - Lucas Heights in the AINSE Council Room on Tuesday 2nd May, commencing at 9.00am and finishing at 12.30pm.  Everyone is welcome to join us for lunch and networking afterwards.
The course aims to help business owners make better decisions and minimise the risks associated with running a private company. After completing the course, director-owners will have the knowledge required to design and implement more robust systems to ensure better corporate governance and therefore a stronger platform on which to grow their businesses.
The course will cover four key areas:

  • What it means to be a director of a company
  • Directors’ key responsibilities and obligations
  • Directors’ liability when things go wrong
  • Corporate governance best practice

Pamela has 25 years experience as a senior executive in medium to large companies.  Managing staff members of up to 100+ both in Australia and as virtual international teams, specialising in the areas of marketing, international business development, strategy and corporate governance. Her current practice includes coaching entrepreneurs, CEOs of small companies and senior executives. She also provides organisational coaching and corporate governance advisory services.

Usually valued at $395!
This course is provided free of charge to Southern Strength Members as a value added benefit to your membership.
Book now, limited spots available.


Southern Strength Network Meeting - Liverpool 
4th April 2017
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
7:30am - 9:30am


We would like to extend an invitation to all Southern Strength members and their guests to join us for the next Network Meeting and breakfast which will be held at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre on the 4th April 2017 commencing at 7.30 am finishing at around 9.30 am. This event has been made possible through the assistance of Liverpool Council and the NSW Department of Industry

You will enjoy presentations by John Mills, Bruce Thompson and Zahra Shahbazian.

Our first speaker will be John Mills - Business Adviser

John has over 30 years’ experience in the Australian manufacturing industry across a broad range of sectors. He has held senior management positions with leading Australian and international companies working to achieve world-class results. Being able to grasp technical issues and their financial impact on business performance, John assists organisations to understand current performance limitations and can provide guidance on how to achieve business excellence through strategic, action oriented improvement activities - which achieve positive financial impact.

John adds value to organisations he works with by challenging employees and managers to use various forms of innovation ranging from process improvement through to new product and service development, and new business and model creation.

Collaborating with Universities

Hear first hand from Bruce Thompson and Zahra Shahbazian how SME companies have and can benefit from working with Universities along with a new, straight forward approach to connecting up with a University. 

There will then be a panel discussion with Bruce, Zahra and John Mills along with Southern Strength Chair Steve Atherton as the moderator where we will explore how the combinations of the Entpreneurs Program and Collaboration with Universities can assist your business and how you can get government funding assistance to do so.

Hope to see you there!



Southern Strength Network Meeting 

Tuesday 21st March 2017
Club Central Menai
7:30am - 9:30am

We would like to extend an invitation to all Southern Strength members and their guests to join us for the next Network meeting and breakfast which will be held at Club Central Menai on the 21st March 2017 commencing at 7.30 am finishing at around 9.30 am.

It will be a jam packed meeting on Tuesday 21st March with 4 engaging presenters.
The keynote speaker is Professor Gordon Wallace from the University of Wollongong ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science | Innovation Campus
Prof Wallace will be talking about the integration of breakthroughs in science and engineering. Advanced fabrication ensures that we can take fundamental discoveries to practical devices in the shortest time possible. This journey engages end users and presents commercial opportunities. For more information click on the YouTube link below.

Zahra Shahbazian and Bruce Thomson from the University of Wollongong will present the Universities new Advantage SME Program and how SMEs can engage with UOW.

Silvia de Ridder
Being a business owner today can be challenging and even more so without a support mechanism. Silvia de Ridder from Unconscious Potential and a long term member of Southern Strength will be presenting an opportunity for Southern Strength members to be part of a business circle aimed at supporting business owners.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Southern Strength Liverpool Chapter Launch
8th February 2017
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
7:30am - 9:30am
Breakfast Included
FREE for Members & Manufactuers - $25 Non-members

Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network, Liverpool City Council and the NSW Department of Industry invite you to attend the launch of the Liverpool Chapter of the Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network

The Liverpool Chapter of Southern Strength will be officially opened by Councillor Geoff Shelton of Liverpool City Council

Following a short address by Councillor Shelton we will hear a presentation by Paul Hogan - Director of Industry Development NSW Department of Industry. Paul will be discussing the latest developments to assist Manufacturers in the transformation to Advanced Manufactuers in key industry sectors including government procurement and defence.

Following on from Paul you will hear from Steve Atherton - Chairman of The Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network. Steve will speak on both domestic & international experience in manufacturing networks and the benefits of participation in networks such as Southern Strength can bring to your business.

You will hear first hand how Liverpool City Council, The NSW Dept of Industry and Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network can assist you in the development of your business through collaboration with like minded business operators.

We look forward to meeting you at the launch.


We would like to invite Current Financial Members to the Southern Strength Christmas Function


You will be spending the afternoon on a Yacht in Port Hacking travelling to Jibbon Beach and return

Time: 3:00pm sharp - 6:00pm

Pick up at Yowie Bay wharf 

Dress: Casual, white soled shoes or bare feet.

Food and drinks will be provided

Click here to register



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Southern Strength Network Meeting & AGM

Tuesday 8th November 2016

Club Central Menai


7:30am - 9:30am


Join us for breakfast at Club Menai!


$35 Members - $55 Non-Members

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We would like to extend an invitation to all Southern Strength members and their guests to join us for the next Network meeting and breakfast which will be held at Club Menai on the 8th November 2016 commencing at 7.30 am finishing at around 9.30 am.

We hope you will enjoy the presentations by our 2 guest speakers.

Nigel Smith

When Nigel Smith lost his left leg in an industrial accident, he didn't just return to work, he went on to represent his country in volleyball. Sport had always played a major role in Nigel's life before his accident and he was determined to pursue this passion despite his disability. He first represented Australia in the 1998 world championships for standing volleyball in Poland, before being chosen to play for Australia at the Sydney Paralympic Games in 2000.

Jason Hinds

Path to creating deep insights into users needs and emerging business models. How a traditional specialist manufacturer is re calibrating their value proposition through design led thinking.


Looking forward to seeing you all there!




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Southern Strength Network Meeting

Tuesday 20th September 2016

Club Central Menai

7:30am - 9:00am

$35 Members - $55 Non-members

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We would like to extend an invitation to all Southern Strength members and their guests to join us for the next Network meeting and breakfast which will be held at Club Menai on the 20th September 2016 commencing at 7.30 am finishing at around 9.00 am.

You will enjoy the presentations by our 2 guest speakers.

Michael Cullen

A resurgent Liverpool City is representative of a modern and dynamic multicultural Australia. Investment levels have accelerated across all sectors during recent years and the Acting CEO, Mr Michael Cullen will explain just why this is happening . In fact manufacturing businesses could well find that the strategic opportunities Liverpool offers will contribute to business success in the future.

Tony Broughton

Tony will discuss why employee engagement matters, and what to do about it

Why your employees aren't stepping up, leaning in or staying put.

The business world has a seemingly intractable employee engagement problem. For well over a decade now, countless research projects, HR Forums and hundreds of millions of dollars have been expended on so called engagement measures, all aimed at getting employees to 'step up' and put in more discretionary effort.

The logic behind this effort is perfectly sound, but the results are shocking. Despite our presumed enlightenment on this topic, and the massive investments made, the needle on employee engagement has not shifted in a decade.

After 10 years of research, one thing is very clear; there is a strong causative relationship between line leader behaviour and employee engagement levels. All the research points to the line manager as the key influencer of how engaged an employee feels. To put it plainly - direct managers are the number one reason people perform, or quit.



Special Event!

The members of the Southern Strength Board take pleasure in inviting you to this special event


Tuesday 9th August 2016

Club Central Menai

7:30am - 9:30am

$35 Members - $55 Non-members

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What do you think of when you hear the term "industrial robot"? You probably think of a huge metal arm that helps fabricate motor vehicles or other heavy duty applications. They were great at doing their task, but they are expensive to program and they are potentially dangerous when working next to humans. Until recently this perception would be true. But in recent years a new class of small, industrial robots are set to revolutionise the manufacturing industry. Called a collaborative robot, this new class of robot is designed to work side by side with humans and approximate many human tasks.

Enter the YuMi robot by ABB Robotics. The YuMi is a dual arm, collaborative robot with world leading technology that allows it to operate side by side with humans with negligible risk.

In a coup for the Shire, Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network have secured the loan of a YuMi robot for a live demonstration. ABB Robotics will be on hand to give a practical demonstration of the YuMi robot to all attendees and guests will even be able to try programming the YuMi at the event.

This event is usually only open to Southern Strength members and their guests, however due to the unprecedented opportunity to interact with a collaborative robot, the Southern Strength Board have opened up the meeting to other interested manufacturers and automation integrators.

Click here to register, seats are limited! 








Southern Strength Network Meeting

Tuesday 28th June 2016

Club Central Menai

7:30am - 9:00am

$35 Members - $55 Non-members

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Southern Strength invites you to attend our next breakfast meeting on the 28th June 2016 at Club Central Menai from 7.30 am to 9.30 am approx

The two items that we will focus on at this meeting will be - Practical Real Life Lessons learnt doing international business presented by Monique Donaldson from the International Trade Team, NSW Business Chamber along with case studies from Southern Strength members - Australis, Enware & ANSTO. Our other topic will be "Last minute Tax tips & getting ready for the 2016/2017 tax year" presented by Terry Dewing - Director Sullivan Dewing.

This meeting should be informative, practical and a fantastic insight into a wide range of experience doing international business by your peers along with some great last minute tax tips and suggestions for setting your business up for next year.


We look forward to seeing you there!


Southern Strength Network Meeting

Tuesday 17th May 2016

Club Central Menai

7:30am - 9:00am

Join us for breakfast at Club Menai!


$35 Members - $50 Non-members

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The impact 3D scanning and 3D printing is making on a wide range of industries.

 Southern Strength Member - WYSIWIG 3D will share how 3D scanning and 3D  prnting has integrated workflows with case studies from a range of industries including manufacturing, engineering, construction, industrial design, movies and heritage.

Business Metrics 

“John Mills and Terry O'Riordan - Business Advisors from AusIndustry will present and discuss how metrics are used to measure and manage manufacturing performance.  The presentation will consider:-

  • The Balanced Scorecard Approach.
  • Provide examples of how metrics challenge “perceived performance” versus “actual performance”.  
  • How benchmarking should be tailored to suit your business – setting your own standards

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure



Southern Strength Network Meeting

Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Club Central Menai

7:30am - 9:00am

$35 Members - $50 Non-members

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We would like to extend an invitation to all Southern Strength members and their guests to join us for the next Network meeting and breakfast which will be held at Club Menai on the 22nd March 2016 commencing at 7.30 am finishing at around 9.00 am. 

You will enjoy presentations by Paul Hogan (Director Business & Industry Development. NSW Dept of Industry) and Lorraine Flynn (Manager Western Sydney NSW Dept of industry)

Paul will be speaking on the recent initiatives within the Dept of Industry that will benefit SME manufacturers whilst Lorraine will be speaking on the NSW Governments procurement strategy and the business opportunities that can be found on the NSW Government website. 

The NSW Government is working hard to advance the sustainable and equitable economic development within the Sydney region and recognizes the important role that NSW Government can play in terms of it's own procurement strategies and policies that affect SMEs.

The Procurement Initiatives of the NSW Government and the latest information for SMEs from the Dept of Industry is important to all manufacturers and relevant to all members of Southern Strength. 

After the presentations there will be time for structured networking where you will meet up to 20 of your peers (1 on 1) and exchange information about your businesses and opportunities that may exist with other Southern Strength members.

We look forward to seeing you at this event


Special Guest Tour of ANSTO

Home to over 300 of Australia’s leading scientists a tour of ANSTO offers a compelling insight into the role nuclear science and engineering plays in the development of life-saving medicine and world-leading research.   

The Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network has arranged another special guest tour of ANSTO facilities on Tuesday 9 February 2016 starting with a light breakfast in the Discovery Centre at 7:30am and finishing at 10:00am.   

The tour offers a unique experience to see deep inside the OPAL research reactor through live CCTV and visit a vast array of some of the world’s best scientific equipment including neutron beam instruments that driving innovation for industry in the area of materials engineering.    

The Tour is available to Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Members Only (free event). To download a membership form - please visit the members tab.

To register for the ANSTO tour - click here


Some interesting facts about ANSTO

· OPAL provides around 30% of the world’s irradiated silicon supply, which are used in high performance, high voltage and critical applications such as hybrid cars and fast trains.

· ANSTO has been tracking and publishing data on fine particle pollution from key sites around Australia and internationally including Japan for more than 20 years. This extensive research allows ANSTO to provide high–quality data on the sources and effects of air pollutions throughout Eastern Asia. 

· As one of the Sutherland Shire’s top three employees, ANSTO employs around 600 Sutherland Shire residents.

· ANSTO engages over 280 Sutherland Shire based businesses providing a $25 million investment into the local economy 

2015 Events


We would like to invite you to attend the Southern Strength Christmas Function

Time: 4:30-6:30pm
Date: Tuesday 1st
Where:  Taren Point Bowling Club, 203 Holt Rd
Click here to register 
FREE for 1 representative from each member organisation
$25 for any subsequents representatives from a member organisation
$40 for non-members
Includes coordinated bowling sessions, finger food and drinks. 
DRESS: work wear or casual clothing with flat soled shoes or bare feet
Southern Strength would like to invite you to attend the...
Southern Strength Network Meeting
13th October 2015
Club Central Menai
7:30am - 9:30am

Join us for breakfast at Club Menai!

Southern Strength are pleased to host the following guest speakers at the 13th October Network Meeting

Tony Broughton 

Principal Consultant and Managing Director at Supply Chain Squared. 

Tony will be speaking about Market Diversification - Staying relevant in a competitive, connected world. Tony Broughton is the owner of Supply Chain Squared, a consultancy practice based in Western Sydney. Tony has been working in Supply Chain and Manufacturing for 20 years. A mechanical engineer by trade, he has run small manufacturing operations in Western Sydney, through to global, multi billion dollar supply chains in a vriety of industries.

Chris Williams 

General Manager East at H.I Fraser Group. 

Chris will be speaking about Lessons learnt as an SME breaking into Global Supply Chains. Chris commenced his career by spending 11 years in the Australian Navy as a Submarine Navigator and Warfare Officer. On leaving the Navy, Chris managed and directed a number of technical naval, renewable energy and oil and gas projects and is currently a Partner and General Manager at H.I Fraser. Chris is also a member of the Australian Industry Group National Defence Council and the Chairman on the Sydney Aerospace and Defence Interest Group (SADIG). 

Southern Strength would like to invite you to attend 

Enware Site Tour
25th AUGUST 2015

Join us for breakfast at ENWARE!

Learn how to leverage University Programs to help your Business

Taryn McDonnell and Sandy Haig from UOW along with Karen Burdett of Flagstaff will be doing a presentation on how engaging with university students can positively impact on your business.

Enware Site visit

Join us on a site tour of Enware and hear about their experience with student programs in assisting some of their current programs.


7 Endeavour Rd Caringbah


7:30am to 9:00am
Tuesday 25 Aug 2015




Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network would like to invite you to attend 

(Western Sydney Future Advanced Manufacturing)
Business Innovation Program

Participants in the WSFAM Program have access to up to 62 hours of learning and support through:

  • A series of 7 interactive workshops addressing the main areas of concern in manufacturing businesses today delivered by leading industry experts
  • A range of supporting learning materials including an online module for each workshop
  • One-on-one mentoring support to help apply learning and to develop plans unique to participants own business.






Strategy & Leadership

Available online


Management Capability       

Available Online


Innovation Capability

Thursday, 16 April 2015


Market Diversification

Thursday, 30 April 2015


Technology Diffusion

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Workforce Skills

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Continuous Cost Reduction   

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Management Capability Workshop, 16 April cost is $100 + GST. 


Southern Strength would like to invite you to attend 

Breseight Engineering Site Tour
17 MARCH 2015


Breseight are an industrial 3D printing service bureau, providing selective laser sintering (SLS) services for plastic parts and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) services for metal parts. All design engineering and part production is done here in Sydney, Australia using the latest technology from EOS GmbH of Germany - a world leader in laser sintering systems. Our machines produce fully functional, production grade parts in three choices of plastics and seven metals.

Tea, coffee and light snack will be provided.


45 Lancaster Street
NSW 2565


Tuesday 17 Mar 2015 from 7:30am to 9:00am


Free of charge to Southern Strength members
Non Members $35

2014 Events


Southern Strength Christmas Function


7:30 - 9:30 am

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Hospitality Establishment 

47 President Ave Caringbah

Ticket Price: 
Free for members
$30 for non-members

Register Now


Join us to celebrate the successes and reflect on the achievements of 2014






ShireBiz in partnership with Southern Strength

  • 16 OCTOBER 2014, 7:15AM TO NOON



  • How traditional manufacturers have progressed to more advanced manufacturing technologies
  • How you can join in this journey at minimal capital costs
  • How you can participate in the supply chain for the rapidly growing robotics industry
  • What to look for in harnessing international IP for your business
  • How to develop business plans and sustainable competitive advantage in the new environment
  • What is on the scientific horizon of material and nuclear sciences for manufacturers

Download the program here.

Why I chose manufacturing as a career Entry Form

Post Forum Survey Oct 2014

Forum Joint Media Release Oct 16th 2014-3

ShireBiz Forum Oct14 rs

Hon Bob Baldwin addressing delegates More photos see

ShireBiz/Southern Strength Forum Images

Forum Presentations
Hon Bob Baldwin Bob Baldwin ShireBiz press release
Steve Britton Embracing International IP1_Steve_Britton
Kevin Cullen 2_Additive Manufacturing
Prof Gordon Wallace 3_Materials Science Development
Anthony Harrington 4_Opportunities in Robotics
Dr Paul Di Pietro 5_Nuclear Science & Manufacturing
Prof Sam Bucolo 6_Business Models for the New Era -

Article in Cronulla News :









Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing

Network Meeting

Thursday 28th August 2014
Bankstown Library

The NSW Business Chamber is proud to host the August meeting of the

Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network.

David Borger, Director Western Sydney for the Sydney Business Chamber will be a special guest at this event providing an update about what’s happening in Western Sydney.
David was appointed to the position of Western Sydney Director of the Sydney Business Chamber in 2012. The Sydney Business Chambers membership consists of chief executives of corporations, who are working to make Sydney a more globally competitive region.

Date: Thursday 28 August
Time: 7.30am– 9.30 am
Place: Level 2,
Bankstown City Library and Knowledge Centre,
80 Rickard Rd Bankstown

Cost: Free to attend
Parking available on site.
Light Breakfast served















Southern Strength

 Network Meeting & AGM

Tuesday, 29th July 2014

The Hospitality Establishment, Caringbah

7:30am - 9:30am



Guest Presenters:

Terry O'Riordan Business Adviser - Entrepreneur Development, AusIndustry.

The Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme offers easy to access practical support to Australian businesses in a simplified and streamlined way. The Programme is a new approach to the way government provides services to business. It recognises Australia’s diverse business landscape and that the market and industry is changing in the global economy.






Southern Strength

Chess Engineering Site Visit


Tuesday 6th May 2014

Chess Engineering, 101 Fairford Rd, Padstow

7:30am - 9:00am


** Chess Engineering Site Visit is limited to 35 attendees. There are only 18 places left - register now so you don't miss out **

Chess Industries Ltd is an Australian-owned company, founded in 1967 which provides engineering services to clients across a range of key markets through its two specialist divisions:
- Chess Engineering - fabrication, machining, fitting and design for clients in the rail, food, print and packaging, water, aviation and transport maintenance sectors.
- Chess Flameproof - a specialist in flameproofing; managing the conversion of mobile materials handling equipment for use in hazardous areas.

Parking available (limited onsite, street parking available)
Please meet at Front Reception
**Enclosed shoes must be worn for the factory tour. Safety Vests and Glasses will be provided.
Tea, coffee and light snack will be provided.


Southern Strength Network Meeting

Tuesday 25th March 2014

The Hospitality Establishment, Caringbah

7:30am - 9:30am


Guest Presenters:

Michelle Richard, Thales Australia.

Thales Australia are a leading international electronics and systems group serving the defence, aerospace and space, security and transport markets in Australia and throughout the world. Their expertise ranges across protected mobility vehicles and integrated communications solutions for defence through to security solutions and systems integration for the commercial sector. Thales is also one of Australia's leaders in R&D with strong affiliations with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) and the CSIRO and leading tertiary institutions. Michelle Richard is the Purchasing Director of Thales Australia, responsible for all direct and indirect procurement in the company. Michelle will discuss opportunities to become an approved supplier and will briefly outline future procurement opportunities at Thales.

Jason Furness, manufacturship.

In this session Jason Furness will examine 4 key case studies from real clients in this current economy. These clients have built competitive advantage and profitability through using simple techniques and approaches to change how they interact with their clients and deliver. The emphasis here is about using your wisdom not your cash to improve your organisational cash flow and your competitive position. Business owners who are looking to take the next step in improving their companies returns and to build an asset for sale in the future will benefit tremendously from this presentation. There will also be an opportunity to attend workshops afterwards where Jason will facilitate discussions on application of the techniques and approaches within your unique business. Following on from this event is the possibility of Enterprise Connect funded workshops based upon these topics for Southern Strength Members.

2013 Events

Southern Strength Christmas Function

It's the FestiveSeason!

Please join us at our last Networking Meeting for 2013 and help us celebrate another wonderful year!

7:30am - 9:30am
The Hospitality Establishment
47 President Ave, Caringbah

Cost: Members - FREE
Non-Members - $25


The Networking Function will include:

- Lucky Door Prizes

- A 2013 report from the Board with 'what's coming in 2014' and

- Networking networking networking!

We hope to see you there!


Southern Strength Network Meeting

Tuesday 10th September 2013

The Hospitality Establishment, Caringbah

7:30am - 9:30am


Guest Speakers

- Mark Elliott - SME Engagement Manager from CSIRO

CSIRO exists to provide benefits to Australia.

The SME engagement team work directly with companies across all industry sectors to identify opportunities to leverage CSIRO research capabilities to access new markets, reach new customers and increase revenue/profitability.

A large number of Australian SME's have successfully utilized CSIRO capabilities to address technical challenges and are now seeing the rewards.

"Mark Elliott is the SME Engagement Manager at CSIRO for NSW and ACT. Mark will focus on establishing deep relationships with SME's across all business sectors with an emphasis on fostering collaboration opportunities with CSIRO.

Mark's career has focused on the Healthcare Sector in Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and eHealth with roles in Ireland, Japan and Australia.

- Mary McGovern, Industry Liaison Manager (Engineering Programs), Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney

Presentationon "How UTS Engineering can help your future"

- Kim Hernandez, International Careers Consultant, Careers Central, University of Wollongong

Presentation on "Professional Practice...Benefits to Industry"

Kim will co-present with Mr Peter Buckley from Thomas & Coffey who will provide an employer's insight into programme participation.

Members Moments

Greg Hetherington - Integra Business Intelligence

Greg will be giving a brief presentation on research done by top US universities into why many business decisions go so badly and suggest three strategies that you can use to make your decisions more effective.


Southern Strength Network Meeting & AGM

Tuesday 30th July 2013

Cronulla Sharks Leagues Club

12:00pm - 2:00pm

To register - click here

Presentation by John Morgan - Supply Transition Manager for Caltex Australia

At today’s luncheon John will speak about the conversion of the Kurnell Refinery to Australia’s largest fuel import terminal by late 2014, and share some of the challenges and insights about this significant supply chain change. John is currently working with the Kurnell Refinery Transition team which is responsible for implementing significant changes to the Caltex supply chain.

John is a Mechanical Engineer who has held a number of roles within Caltex in Refining, Distribution & Logistics and Supply.  John has volunteered as a director for the Botany Bay Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) since 1999.   
Caltex is a leading transport fuel provider and convenience retailer in Australia.  Caltex is listed on the ASX and is 50% owned by the Chevron Corporation. In NSW, Kurnell refinery supplies almost half of the fuel requirements for motorists, commercial businesses and airports.
Presentation by Taryn Quarmby  - Manager - Regional Gateway for Industry Capability Network (ICN)
Taryn will be speaking about ICN and ICN’s online portal, ICN Gateway. ICN Gateway supports the comprehensive service provided by ICN consultants by assisting in building connections based on business capabilities and location. ICN Gateway is a powerful online tool containing approximately $247 billion of projects and more than 69,000 local suppliers.

Industry Capability Network is a business network that offers tailored Australian and New Zealand procurement solutions through a personalised consultancy service. ICN has over one hundred technical consultants who provide an unmatched knowledge of local industry capabilities, and can quickly identify competitive Australian and New Zealand suppliers to meet project and package requirements, saving projects both time and money.



Southern Strength Network Meeting

Tuesday 18th June 2013

The Hospitality Establishment, Caringbah

7:30am - 9:30am


$5 from every ticket sold will go to the Sutherland Shire F1 in Schools Program!

Strategies for Effective Business Performance and Succession Planning.

Craig West from Succession Plus will help you to:

- Learn the strategies, structures and processes to successfully ensure the long-term value of your business is retained.

- Understand the options available to you in terms of strategically planning for the sale of your business.

With 51% of small business owners planning to use their business as their PRIMARY source of retirement funding, it is critical for you to understand how to groom your business for a successful transition to new ownership, plus get the best possible financial outcomes. Even if you plan to be in your business for another 10 years, NOW is the time to put your succession planning in place.

Craig is the president of the Australian Chapter of the Exit Planning Institute. He is a strategic accountant & CPA and has focused for over 15 years on advising business owners on management, taxation and accounting issues. He specialises in business structuring and succession planning, and has extensive experience working with clients to improve their financial performance.

F1 in Schools Presentation

Students will talk about their journey through the F1 in Schools program.

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Southern Strength Network Meeting

Tuesday 14th May 2013

The Hospitality Establishment, Caringbah

7:30am - 9:30am

To register - click here


Presenter: Shaun Jenkinson - Group Executive, Nuclear Business from ANSTO

At the breakfast on the 14 May Shaun will discuss some of the following:

- LEU LEU Mo-99 / Tc-99m Supply Chain

- Why Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99)?

- Ensuring security of supply

- World supply under threat

- ANSTO's Nuclear Medicine Project

- Disposal of byproduct's from Nuclear Medicine

Shaun Jenkinson joined ANSTO in March 2010. He is working with the team in ANSTO Health to ensure a reliable supply of radioisotopes to the domestic market as well as delivering export sales. As Group Executive, Nuclear Business he has responsibility for commercial operations including ANSTO Minerals, ANSTO Silicon & Irradiations, Mo 99 Operations and business development.

He has a degree in biotechnology and has most recently focused on business, process improvement, training and implementing quality standards within organisations.

Shaun has held senior positions with medical equipment and large pharmaceutical companies in the UK and Australia, with whole of business experience.


The global supply of nuclear medicine is under threat, with reactors responsible for 70 per cent of the world's Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) production due to be decommissioned in the next few years.

Mo-99 is the base material used in scans that diagnose heart disease and a variety of cancers. Applications include for bone oncology, neurology, the kidney and gastrointestinal tract disorders.

In response to these global changes, last year ANSTO and the Australian Government announced a $168 million plan to significantly increase ANSTO's nuclear medicine production capacity. The project will also create 250 new jobs (150 construction and 100 operational).




Southern Strength Network Meeting

Welcome to the second Network Meeting for 2013!

Tuesday 26th March 2013

The Hospitality Establishment, Caringbah

7:30am - 9:00am



We will be hosting this function at a NEW VENUE – The Hospitality Establishment in Caringbah (47 President Avenue, Caringbah)! We will be again having the special introductory offer for this meeting. When you purchase one full price ticket, you can bring along a potential member for free!! (Just make sure you let us know by selecting the 'Introduction Special' ticket and filling in your guest details!) To register for this event – click here

Guest Speakers:



Enterprise Connect, EnergyAction present…….THE SECRET TO REDUCING YOUR ELECTRICTY COSTS Rising electricity costs are on everyone's mind but there's something you can do to make sure you don't lose control. Find out what you need to know about your electricity bills and how to optimise the prices you get charged. Then learn the secret of reducing consumption in your manufacturing environment as well as Government Grants which may be available to improve the energy efficiency of your plant. Energy Action, Australia's leading independent energy management company, has partnered with over 5,000 Australian businesses, including some of Australia's best known and most respected brands, to maximise energy savings. Director Ed Hanna, an electricity industry veteran, will share his insights in THE SECRET TO REDUCING YOUR ELECTRICTY COSTS.

Key topics will include:

  • Your electricity bills - what you can and can't control
  • Developing a Procurement Strategy Procurement options
  • When are the best times of the year to enter into an electricity contract?
  • What are the best contract periods?
  • Optimising your network tariff
  • How to access cleantech grants 


Allan North – CFOadvisory


Research has shown that leading organizations use financial information to develop a competitive advantage in today's dynamic business environment. This is especially relevant for manufacturing companies in Australia who find it hard to compete with the low costs of offshore production and the high Australian dollar. Furthermore, most Australian manufacturing organizations rely on historical financial reports to manage their organizations into the future. This is certainly not the way to go if you want to be competitive. This presentation will give you an overview of what financial information a manufacturing or any other type of organization, will need to collect and understand to be successful.

Key Topic:

  • The current state of play- what financial information is being used/lack of understanding
  • Bridging the information gap
  • Critical information to review business health
  • How do I become a winner?


Allan North is a partner in a company called CFOadvisory that works with management to help improve business performance and achieve short and long term business objectives. Allan has worked for many years in manufacturing companies large and small and is a strong supporter of the lean manufacturing processes. Currently, he is working on improving the costing of products using MYOB. Also, he has worked for a number of years with small to medium size organizations to improve business performance and mentor senior management. Besides having strong practical experience, Allan has completed a research master's degree in manufacturing accounting and is a lecturer in the MBA program at the University of Technology. Sydney.






Southern Strength Network Meeting

Welcome to the first Network Meeting for 2013!

Tuesday 12th February 2013

Cronulla Sharks Leagues Club

7:30am - 9:00am

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We have a special Introductory offer for this meeting. When you purchase one full priced ticket, you can bring along a potential member for free!! (Just make sure you let us know by selecting the 'Introduction Special' ticket when registering and filling in your guest details!)

We will have two presenters at this meeting:

1. AI Group - Manufacturing Apprenticeship and Mentoring Program - Maggie Farrell and Robert Gallo.

Maggie and Robert will be speaking about the free apprentice mentoring support program which support manufacturing apprentices and their employers particularly during the first year of training when apprentices are most at risk of withdrawing.

The Australian Industry Group Apprenticeship Mentor provides a range of support services to apprentices and their employers.

2. Uber Marketing - Develope a marketing plan that delivers real and measurable results for manufacturers - Karen Bowness

Karen Bowness is an experienced marketer and small business owner, her Marketing Agency Uber Marketing took out the BEC Australia's 2011 Micro Business Award. This national award is proof of her ability to harness her marketing expertise to develop a successful business.

With more than 20 years experience in corporate sales and marketing roles, Karen understands what it takes to launch new products as well as breathe new life into failing brands. She is a marketing all rounder boasting expertise in all areas of branding, lead generation, email marketing, social media, copywriting and web development.

Karen understands the commercial reality of marketing a small business, she knows that without good marketing, a business won't reach its full potential. Her advice is practical yet powerful, at the conclusion of the session you'll feel empowered to develop a marketing plan that will deliver results.

2012 Events

Southern Strength Christmas Function

Come And Celebrate At This Years Southern Strength Christmas Breakfast Function!

Who knows what Lucky Door Prize you could win!

Tuesday 27th November 2012

Cronulla Sharks Leagues Club



To register - Click Here

Is your manufacturing business lacking the results you want?

Discover breakthrough and sustainable methods from an industry expert with proven success.

Manufacturship CEO, Jason Furness has over twenty years experience in manufacturing and has travelled the world learning from the world’s best lean manufacturing exponents. As General Manager of the Electrolux plant in Orange during the GFC, he led a transformation program which took it from break even to 18% profit with no net job losses.

Don’t miss this presentation by Jason on how to create breakthrough and sustainable results in your manufacturing business that flow to your bottom line!

Treat your team and bring them along to hear an engaging and educational industry expert.  What better way to share the festive cheer!!

Also, Don’t Miss -

¨ Report on Southern Strength goals following Member Planning Session

¨ Important dates for 2013


Southern Strength Network Meeting

Tuesday 16th October 2012

7:30am to 9:00am

Cronulla Leagues Club, 461 Captain Cook Drive, Cronulla 2230

Guest Speaker:

- Mark Roser from Thermotec

- Sharon Austin from Intelligent Recruitment

- F1 in Schools Engadine High presentation


Site Visit - ANSTO

Tuesday August 21st 2012

7:30am - 10:00am

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

New Illawarra Rd, Lucas Heights NSW, 2234

To register for the event, please click here


Southern Strength Network Meeting and AGM

Tuesday June 19th 2012

7:30am - 9:00am

Cronulla Leagues Club, 461 Captain Cook Dr, Cronulla 2230

Guest Speaker - Peter Lambe from AMTIL and Scott Nicholls from Sullivan Dewing

To register click here


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Southern Strength Steering Committee Meeting

Tuesday May 29th 2012

8am - 10am

Sutherland BEN offices


Southern Strength Network Meeting

Wednesday 17th April 2012

7:30am to 9:30am

Cronulla Leagues Club, 461 Captain Cook Drive, Cronulla 2230

Guest Speaker - Andrew King from NSW Manufacturing and Emma Bentton from SHOES.

2011 Events

Australis Engineering Site Visit

Wednesday 23rd November 2011

7:30am for 8:00am Factory Tour

25 Harley Cres, Condell Park NSW 2200

To register for this event, please click here.


Sutherland Shire Council Cluster Christmas Party

Tuesday 22nd November 2011

5:30pm - 8:00pm

The Point Bowling Club

203 Holt Rd, Taren Point

To register, please click here.


Southern Strength Network Breakfast

Tuesday 25th October 2011 

7:30am - 9:00am

Cronulla Leagues Club, 461 Captain Cook Drive, Cronulla 2230

Guest Speaker - Silvia de Ridder. 

“How useful would it  be  to know how a person’s brain works? The toughest job as a leader is dealing with people.  It is also one of the most rewarding.  Whether we like it or not human beings are emotional beings – a huge amount of evidence supports this.  The better we can learn to tap into the emotions and what drives those emotions the better leader we can become. This session will provide a valuable insight into emotional intelligence and more importantly the neuroscience behind those emotions that can help us understand why people do what they do. If you want to know what to do and what not to do when it comes to dealing with people join this presentation and learn more about what makes people tick!”

To register for this event, please click here.



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Southern Strength Steering Committee Meeting

Thursday 13th October 2011

8am - 10am

Sutherland BEN offices


Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network Launch

Tuesday 13th September 2011

12pm - 2pm

Gymea Tradies, 57 Manchester Rd North, Gymea 2227

Food and Beverages provided.

To register for the event, please click here.


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Southern Strength Steering Committee Meeting

Thursday August 11th 2011

8am - 10am

Sutherland BEN offices.






Southern Strength networking event for manufacturers

Network Presentation

Tuesday 23rd November 2010
8:00am - 9:30am

Sharks Leagues: Aqua Lounge North

This was a breakfast event for local business people to come along and hear more about the opportunities available in Southern Strength while they enjoyed breakfast and networked with other manufacturing businesses.

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Event Recap

The event was well attended and well receieved.

View two photos from this event below.

Network Presentation 2010


Network Presentation 2010





"Southern Strength is an opportunity for southern Sydney to establish its presence on the world stage as an innovative and quality-driven centre for manufacturing excellence."

Mr Colin Johnson
FJP Manufacturing