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Southern Strength
Agile Manufacturing Network

Sydney’s hub for manufacturing that’s dedicated to building stronger, more advanced Australian Manufacturing Businesses. Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing network is a group of manufacturers that are working together to ensure the long-term viability of our sector. We are a powerful voice for manufacturing and we encourage you to join us.

The Voice of South West Sydney's Manufacturers

Our purpose is to identify business opportunities for members within our region, build strong alliances that benefit our members and strengthen their business capabilities and advocate to government and industry bodies and ensure our members interests are well taken care of and that they have a voice at all levels of government. We are also able to provide pathways to government programs and funding.

Australian Manufacturing is rapidly evolving, and the sector is undergoing a period of major change. New global markets are unfolding and it’s a very exciting time to be in the industry.

We know that innovation and collaboration are key to surviving, that’s why we assist our members to leverage opportunities by working collaboratively, sharing skills and networking to build alliances and increase sales.

Join today to be a part of our manufacturing network!

Join Sydney’s Largest Manufacturing Network

Leverage the power of your peers and join the rapidly growing voice of manufacturers across Sydney.


We’re unlocking business opportunities, building capability networks and driving the direction of our rapidly evolving sector. Joining the Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network will benefit your business, increase business opportunities and contact networks. It will also help the manufacturing industry because the more members we have, the more powerful our voice and the more we can achieve together.

The National Robotics and Automation Group (NRAG)

The National Robotics and Automation Group (NRAG) is a collaboration between South Western Sydney automation, robotics and technology companies, ANSTO and University of Wollongong, which is working with local and international partners to develop robotic and automation systems for industry.


To find out more information about NRAG and its connection to Southern Strength and its members, click the button below.

Our members

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“Intelligent Recruitment has been a member of Southern Strength since its inception 10 years ago. Being a member has enabled us to keep learning how we can best service the industry along with building trust with other members, both key to all good business relationships. Our permanent and contractor recruitment services have grown due to our Southern Strength membership and participation.”

“Australis have been members of Southern Strength since 2012. The Network gives us the chance to learn about new innovations and changes to manufacturing while also growing and securing our business. Many of the other members are now key customers and our new business has increased by several million dollars since joining. Just as importantly we have dramatically increased and improved our supply chain, improving our project delivery in the process.”