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About Southern Strength

Supporting Sydney Manufacturers

The Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2012 to promote the capabilities of the Sydney Manufacturing Sector and in particular our member businesses. We do this by developing and maintaining close ties with government and industry bodies. Our approach ensures members have a voice at all levels of government and receive regular updates as developments in our industry occur.


As manufacturers when we join forces, the possibilities are endless and industry potential is immense. We are fortunate to have an impressive array of skills within our member base and collectively we can compete both locally and globally on lucrative projects. We actively pursue business opportunities on behalf of our members and regularly provide introductions that deliver profitable business partnerships.

Enhancing the development of the manufacturing industry

Why join Southern Strength?

Joining Southern Strength will benefit your business, enhance your business opportunities and help our local manufacturing industry. The larger our membership base, the more powerful our voice becomes.


One key activity is our breakfast meetings are held every six weeks.

These events are a great opportunity to meet other members and catch up on the latest industry news and events. Hear great case studies, business tips and help shape the industry


Here are our benefits when joining us:

  • Be part of a group that is dedicated to expanding the
    footprint of manufacturing in Sydney
  • Meet other Sydney Manufacturers that are eager to share
    their knowledge and build partnerships
  • Be alerted to new business opportunities as they arise
  • Build potential business partnerships that will allow you to jointly bid on larger projects
  • Keep abreast of government grants and incentives as they are announced
  • Appear in our member only directory and showcase your skills and services to organisations that are searching for them. Being part of a manufacturing network ensures your needs and concerns can be heard
  • It helps us, to help you. Joining the Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network increases our numbers and our voice. It helps us to more effectively support Sydney Manufacturing

Meet the Board of Directors

Southern Sydney Agile Manufacturing Network is run by a group of volunteers, the majority of these people are manufacturers who have a passion and commitment to drive growth in the manufacturing sector.


Click below to find out more about our dedicated group of directors.

Manufacturing in Sydney is growing, be a part of the evolution

Our members

We’d love to hear from you

To join our network or request more information, get in touch with our friendly team.