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Our mission

Southern Strength has been formed to enhance the economic development of the manufacturing industry in the Sydney region. We work collectively to develop new trading and business streams for the region from local, state, national and international opportunities.


Southern Strength’s objectives are designed to establish and drive a community of manufacturing and associated/complementary businesses that collectively can:

  • Identify and source new member companies that can contribute to the overall capacity, effectiveness and capability of the network.
  • Develop and implement a best practice model and vehicle for multiple industries within the region and assist them with formation with a view to cross sector collaboration.
  • Increase partner capacity and capability through improvements in economies of scale, identification of training and workforce sustainability needs and dissemination of industry information and contacts.
  • Take corporate and social responsibility to a new level by viewing it as a business tool in terms of recruitment, employment and building awareness within the cluster community and the services it can offer. By creating this engagement, the activity drives and develops itself as a marketing strategy designed to achieve a status for the partners as employers and service providers of choice.
  • Promote the network and its capabilities into new and varied industry sectors and markets whilst building capability to the point of being able to offer “completely flexible manufacturing solutions” meaning the network can say “yes” more.
  • Create a hub for engagement with potential suppliers and associated industries and support this function through networking events, industry projects and collaborations across sectors.
  • Focus on adopting efficient, environmentally sustainable practices.

Manufacturing in Sydney is growing, be a part of the evolution

Our members

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