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Southern Strength peer Savvas Leondas speaks on “Strategies to Keep Great People”

At our recent Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network Meeting, we heard from Savvas Leondas on “Strategies to Keep Great People” –  A challenge that we all face in our business no matter how big or small.
Savvas Leondas is a leading facilitator, coach and mentor who has invested over 25 years in the fields of organisational, professional and personal development. He has a Bachelor of Engineering from Monash University and had 10 years’ experience in various Engineering and IT roles prior to establishing his own practise, Savvas Leondas Enterprises.
Savvas’ success has come from working with people to achieve measurable, sustainable results over the long term, with a commitment to making a positive difference at a business and personal level.

Following this we had a panel of experts who discussed how they project their organisation in order to attract talented people to join them. They also spoke about what works well for them in terms of talent retention and gave examples of what has been a disaster.

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